• 23 Jan 2013 · Game UI By Example

I wrote an article for Gamedevtuts+ about UI design in video games.

• 07 Sep 2012 · Improvised occlusion culling in any version of Unity via dynamic frustum far plane shifting

I wrote a plugin for Unity in C# to dynamically adjust the far plane of the view frustum over time, such as to simulate occlusion culling without requiring precomputation.

• 18 Aug 2012 · A tile-based method for roofing arbitrarily shaped gridded buildings

I outline a method for using a tile engine to dynamically place roofs on buildings of arbitrary size.

• 30 Jul 2012 · I made a font for room-building

'Roguelike' is a font for hand-making fast ASCII representations of rooms and buildings. It uses the spatial layout of the numpad to make placing walls and floors intuitive and easy.

• 27 Jul 2012 · First steps in procedural generation

A 3D analog of the ASCII room, with placeholder primitives.Roguelikes have been doing this kind of thing for years, and I think that representing a room in ASCII is simple to design with, simple to parse, and high-information.

• 08 Jul 2012 · A method for simulating bullet drop with straight lines

Why should I mess around with making equations of rays, when I can make a fairly good approximation of bullet drop under gravity with just three straight lines?

• 06 Jul 2012 · A possible implementation of AI line-of-sight and awareness

The technique gives an enemy different degrees of awareness depending on its distance from the player. It gives the enemies pretty human abilities while, I think, keeping things fair.


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