I made a font for room-building

Since I am going to be using text to design rooms and populate them with furniture, I made a font that I feel is more human-readable for the purpose. If you think back to the room I generated yesterday (I fixed the mirroring problem by making the loop lay blocks on the negative X axis, by the way), you might remember that it was generated from the following schematic:

[[email protected]#

Try comparing that with the 3D version. It’s really difficult to count out the number of floor tiles, and the image is stretched vertically, making the final room seem more squat than you imagined. Aside from that, the characters used to represent the blueprint are all over the keyboard and it takes a lot of keypresses in a lot of different places to lay down the basic structure.

So I rocked up to FontStruct and I says, “It ain’t no thang.” And within a couple of minutes I had a font called Roguelike. I can’t embed it for you to see (font embedding via CSS won’t work for some raisin) but you can download the font from here if you need it. Use it for fun, sell it in your own game, do whatevs. It’s under a CC Share-Alike license. Live free, dearest reader.

Here’s how the room looks when entered using the Roguelike font.

You can see that Roguelike’s ASCII room is much more representative of the final product’s dimensions than the text provided above. What I sacrifice is human-readability for others, unless they also use Roguelike in their text editor. Here’s a comparison of the old ASCII input versus Roguelike’s ASCII input:

#________#		7888888889
[........]		4555555556
[........]		4555555556
[........]		4555555556
[[email protected]#		4555557223
[.....]   		4555556   
#-----#   		1222223   

Still, the increase in speed, decrease in keyboard travel, and improvement in visualisation makes this a pretty good trade.




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