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It was one o'clock in the morning. Harry's stomach gave a funny jolt. He had been thirteen years old, without realizing it, for a whole hour.

¡°You know how many subjects I'm taking,¡± said Hermione breathlessly. ¡°Couldn't hold these for me, could you?¡±

¡°Even the Hogwarts ghosts avoid it,¡± said Ron as they leaned on the fence, looking up at it. ¡°I asked Nearly Headless Nick¡­he says he's heard a very rough crowd lives here. No one can get in. Fred and George tried, obviously, but all the entrances are sealed shut¡­¡±

¡°Fine, thanks,¡± said Harry as he, Ron, and Hermione joined Mr. Weasley with their shopping.

Harry thought he heard the dormitory door slam. At last finding the divide in his curtains, he ripped them back, and at the same moment, Dean Thomas lit his lamp.

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