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¡°So that's it, is it?¡± said Professor McGonagall beadily, walking over to the fireside and staring at the Firebolt. ¡°Miss Granger has just informed me that you have been sent a broomstick, Potter.¡±

Lupin drank a little more butterbeer, then said, ¡°It's the fate that awaits Sirius Black. It was in the Daily Prophet this morning. The Ministry have given the Dementors permission to perform it if they find him.¡±

It was as though Harry's memory was on fast forward. The lightning¡­the Grim¡­the Snitch¡­and the Dementors¡­

¡°Then you might not have to witness an execution at all!¡± said Ron stoutly. ¡°The Hippogriff might get off!¡±

¡°Order of Merlin, Second Class, I'd say. First Class, if I can wangle it!¡±

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