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But they all refused to say.

¡°Harry, please,¡± said Hermione, her eyes now shining with tears, ¡°Please be sensible. Black did a terrible, terrible thing, but d-don't put yourself in danger, it's what Black wants¡­Oh, Harry, you'd be playing right into Black's hands if you went looking for him. Your mum and dad wouldn't want you to get hurt, would they? They'd never want you to go looking for Black!¡±

Harry stood there, feeling suddenly empty. He hadn't done it. His nerve had failed him. Black was going to be handed back to the Dementors.

¡°Oh, well ¡ª you know ¡ª working hard,¡± said Hermione. Close-up, Harry saw that she looked almost as tired as Lupin.

¡°What do you reckon?¡± Ron asked the cat. ¡°Definitely an owl?¡±

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