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Professor Trelawney ignored her. Eyes open again, she looked around once more and said, ¡°But where is dear Professor Lupin?¡±

Stan put the paper away reluctantly, and Harry leaned against the window of the Knight Bus, feeling worse than ever. He couldn't help imagining what Stan might be telling his passengers in a few nights¡¯ time.

¡°How did you do that?¡± squealed Angelina Johnson as George started throwing Peppermint Toads into the crowd.

¡°I don't deny it,¡± he said very quietly. ¡°But if you knew the whole story.¡±

Harry half wished that he hadn't asked what was under a Dementor's hood, the answer had been so horrible, and he was so lost in unpleasant thoughts of what it would feel like to have your soul sucked out of you that he walked headlong into Professor McGonagall halfway up the stairs.

The end of the lesson in sight, Snape strode over to Neville, who was cowering by his cauldron.

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