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Harry remembered what Mr. Weasley had told Mrs. Wealsey. ¡®The guards say he's been talking in his sleep¡­ always the same words¡­ ¡®He's at Hogwarts.'¡¯

Hagrid was already waiting for them.

Harry stood there, hand still outstretched. Then, with a great leap of his heart, he heard hooves behind him. He whirled around and saw Hermione dashing toward him, dragging Buckbeak behind her.

¡°Precisely,¡± said Professor McGonagall. ¡°Black and Potter. Ringleaders of their little gang. Both very bright, of course ¡ª exceptionally bright, in fact ¡ª but I don't think we've ever had such a pair of troublemakers ¡ª¡±

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