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Harry squeezed himself through a crowd of sixth years and saw a sign hanging in the farthest corner of the shop (UNUSUAL TASTES). Ron and Hermione were standing underneath it, examining a tray of blood-flavored lollipops. Harry sneaked up behind them.

¡°You made that Dementor on the train back off,¡± said Harry suddenly.

Unless Harry's eyes were deceiving him, Fudge was suddenly looking awkward.

¡°They call it the Dementor's Kiss,¡± said Lupin, with a slightly twisted smile. ¡°It's what Dementors do to those they wish to destroy utterly. I suppose there must be some kind of mouth under there, because they clamp their jaws upon the mouth of the victim and ¡ª and suck out his soul.¡±

¡°Oliver, calm down!¡± said Fred, looking slightly alarmed. ¡°We're taking Hufflepuff very seriously. Seriously.¡±

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