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¡°All he did was eat and sleep, Ron, you said it yourself,¡± said George.

¡°GET ¡ª HIM ¡ª OUT ¡ª OF ¡ª HERE!¡± Ron bellowed as Crookshanks's claws ripped his pajamas and Scabbers attempted a wild escape over his shoulder. Ron seized Scabbers by the tail and aimed a misjudged kick at Crookshanks that hit the trunk at the end of Harry's bed, knocking it over and causing Ron to hop up and down, howling with pain.

Malfoy's head jerked forward as the mud hit him; his silverblond hair was suddenly dripping in muck.

¡°That's better,¡± he said. ¡°Thanks.¡±

At that very moment, Hermione appeared at his shoulder; she was holding her cloak over her head and was, inexplicably, beaming.

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