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¡°Best go wake up Madam Marsh, Stan,¡± said Ern. ¡°We'll be in Abergavenny in a minute.¡±

¡°I tell yeh, if I'd got ter Black before little Pettigrew did, I wouldn't've messed around with wands ¡ª I'd ¡®ve ripped him limb ¡ª from ¡ª limb,¡± Hagrid growled.

¡°Well?¡± said Snape.

At once, the statue's hump opened wide enough to admit a fairly thin person. Harry glanced quickly up and down the corridor, then tucked the map away again, hoisted himself into the hole headfirst, and pushed himself forward.

¡°GET ¡ª HIM ¡ª OUT ¡ª OF ¡ª HERE!¡± Ron bellowed as Crookshanks's claws ripped his pajamas and Scabbers attempted a wild escape over his shoulder. Ron seized Scabbers by the tail and aimed a misjudged kick at Crookshanks that hit the trunk at the end of Harry's bed, knocking it over and causing Ron to hop up and down, howling with pain.

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