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¡°You explain,¡± said Harry, helping himself to some more chocolate.

A few cauldrons away, Neville was in trouble. Neville regularly went to pieces in Potions lessons; it was his worst subject, and his great fear of Professor Snape made things ten times worse. His potion, which was supposed to be a bright, acid green, had turned ¡ª

Hagrid's hand trembled so violently that the milk jug slipped from his grasp and shattered all over the floor.

¡°Sirius ¡ª it's me¡­it's Peter¡­your friend¡­you wouldn't ¡ª¡±

¡°Everything under control, sir.¡±

¡°Because¡­¡± Lupin hesitated, ¡°because these mapmakers would have wanted to lure you out of school. They'd think it extremely entertaining.¡±

A feeling of great gloom in his stomach, Harry pulled the door open.

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