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Lupin shook his head and didn't speak. He carried on emptying his drawers. Then, while Harry was trying to think of a good argument to make him stay, Lupin said, ¡°From what the headmaster told me this morning, you saved a lot of lives last night, Harry. If I'm proud of anything I've done this year, it's how much you've learned¡­. Tell me about your Patronus.¡±

¡°My God,¡± said Lupin softly, staring from Scabbers to the picture in the paper and back again. ¡°His front paw¡­¡±

Snape moved away, leaving Neville breathless with fear.

Buckbeak soared straight into the dark air. Harry gripped his flanks with his knees, feeling the great wings rising powerfully beneath them. Hermione was holding Harry very tight around the waist; he could hear her muttering, ¡°Oh, no ¡ª I don't like this oh, I really don't like this ¡ª¡±

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