The making of CRUP

The original idea

My Game Idea Generator gave me the following three words:

  • Rutabaga
  • Pyrrhic Victory
  • Bullet Hell

From this I came up with the following idea.

A vertical SHMUP where bosses can only be harmed by crashing your ship into them. Bosses fire at you and send close-range drones at you to try and explode your ship before you can close in for a kamikaze attack.

Extra points: Bosses are randomly assembled from modular components, each component needing to be destroyed by the player. The difficulty level could be related to how many components are attached compared to how many lives the player has.

Pages from the logbook

What did this game look like during development?

I replaced the graphics to get a more distinctive look and make everything more visible on screen.

What did you use to make CRUP!  ?

CRUP! is the first game I’ve made in GameMaker Studio. It was made almost entirely with GM:S’s drag-and-drop coding.



Game Idea Generator

What is this?

This generator helps you come up with game ideas by randomly providing you with a list of game titles, genres and concepts, past Ludum Dare theme suggestions, and common and proper nouns.



Participating in Ludum Dare

Update, 9:08 PM

My game, Additive is now out for initial release. I might make some more changes to it to polish it up before submission, but it’s now quite finished.

You can play Additive here.

Just a quick post since I’m a bit busy. I’m participating in Ludum Dare, a competition where game devs all over the hizzle have 48 hours to make a game about a common theme. The theme is evolution, and I am making a puzzle game.

A timelapse video of my activities on the first day (which was yesterday) is here.

Here is a screenshot of me testing my game for color-blind–friendliness.



I made a font for room-building

Since I am going to be using text to design rooms and populate them with furniture, I made a font that I feel is more human-readable for the purpose. If you think back to the room I generated yesterday (I fixed the mirroring problem by making the loop lay blocks on the negative X axis, by the way), you might remember that it was generated from the following schematic:

[[email protected]#

Try comparing that with the 3D version. It’s really difficult to count out the number of floor tiles, and the image is stretched vertically, making the final room seem more squat than you imagined. Aside from that, the characters used to represent the blueprint are all over the keyboard and it takes a lot of keypresses in a lot of different places to lay down the basic structure.

So I rocked up to FontStruct and I says, “It ain’t no thang.” And within a couple of minutes I had a font called Roguelike. I can’t embed it for you to see (font embedding via CSS won’t work for some raisin) but you can download the font from here if you need it. Use it for fun, sell it in your own game, do whatevs. It’s under a CC Share-Alike license. Live free, dearest reader.

Here’s how the room looks when entered using the Roguelike font.

You can see that Roguelike’s ASCII room is much more representative of the final product’s dimensions than the text provided above. What I sacrifice is human-readability for others, unless they also use Roguelike in their text editor. Here’s a comparison of the old ASCII input versus Roguelike’s ASCII input:

#________#		7888888889
[........]		4555555556
[........]		4555555556
[........]		4555555556
[[email protected]#		4555557223
[.....]   		4555556   
#-----#   		1222223   

Still, the increase in speed, decrease in keyboard travel, and improvement in visualisation makes this a pretty good trade.



Late start, and the first abandoned project


Part of me wants to give up on Keep-Up and start making another game, but I think that if I start quitting now, it will set a precedent for later. I need to change the game from a 3D physics implementation to 2D physics, which should be easy, but I have no idea how to handle collisions, and will have to read up on it.

Was thinking about it last night, and a 3D Escape the Room game would be great for honing several skills at once. There’s no AI or score or really animation to do. There is, however, 3D modelling to do. Prebuilt assets time!


A very good day of coding! First of all, I did end up abandoning Keep-Up. Continuing with it would have meant implementing my own 2D physics, and since pretty much none of the game would be directly applicable to FPS Roguelike, it was simply too much work for not much pay-off.

Instead, I took up my idea from last night re. a skeet shooting game, and have come out with a pretty solid prototype. I’m going to make it feature-complete before making models and sounds for it. Here’s how it looks at the end of Day 1, shortly before a thousand skeets impact each other.



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