Finished Games

CRUP! (Crash 'Em Up)

Crash your orbiting laser saw into enemy ships while dodging through a cloud of bullets.

You’re delivering a fighter ship to some wealthy Galaxian when you get jumped by pirates on the far side of a tunnel. Don’t think you can just bomb and shoot your way out of this one: You’re surrounded by enemies, the air is thick with bullets, and the only thing you’ve got in the way of weapons is this orbiting laser saw you bought in a flea market back on Tarsus V. You’re definitely going to die, but you may as well see what this orbiting laser saw can do to those pirates.

Download CRUP! (Windows only)
Extract the folder and run CRUP.exe.

You can also view the online leaderboard.

See the action for yourself

What’s CRUP!  got that’s so fly?

  • Uncompromising laser saw action.
  • Make awed sounds as you thread the needle through a cloud of angry bullets.
  • Online leaderboard so you can lord it over lesser players.
  • Retro line graphics like Battlezone — but not.

I want to read about CRUP!’s development!

The Making of CRUP has all of the material I collected during the development of the game, including pages from my logbook.


I used Daniel Cook’s free Tyrian tileset as my placeholder art during development. His explosion sprites remain in the shipped version.

Sound effects were generated using Bfxr, and music was generated by Autotracker-BU.





Hay guise! Additive placed 67th overall out of 1406 entries. That puts it in the top 5%! I’m so, so proud! It also got the silver medal in the Coolness category, but I don’t know how many other games I tied with for it (the gold medal had a 105-way tie, for what it’s worth).

Additive is a color-mixing puzzle game made in roughly 34 man-hours for Ludum Dare 24 (August 2012). The theme of the competition was Evolution, and instead of biological evolution, I tried to imply a change in behaviours or habits over time.

You can play Additive here, and you can rate it and comment on it at the LD website. There’s source code there as well. It is hacky beyond belief.

Screenshot, pages from the dev notebook, and time lapse



Super Skeet Gaiden

Super Skeet Gaiden was my first game. It’s a simple skeet shooting game written in Java with jMonkey Engine.

Hold R to reload, use Plus or Minus to adjust the number of clay pigeons thrown, and Numpad 4/5/6 to select the direction they’re thrown from.

Download Super Skeet Gaiden (extract and run the .jar to play).




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