Hello again!

Testing period is over, I gave a great research presentation, it’s now time for the holidays! This means more gamedev stuff, so this website is going to ramp up again.

First port of call: Ludum Dare 25 is on December 14 through to 17, and I want in. Because of Christmas plans I will have to scale back my ideas, but it should be achievable. Also, the Experimental Gameplay Project creates challenge themes every month or two, and I’ve been meaning to do some of them.

In terms of game design paradigms, I’m going to do some static world stuff for a while. It will give me more context on what is needed to create a game world in the first place, instead of having to figure that stuff out on-the-fly while also learning procedural world generation. I really enjoyed making a puzzle game (aside from the fundamental annoyance of actually making puzzles), so I’ll try to think of another. I had a really great idea for a puzzle game that was kind of a hybrid of Picross and Tetris, but someone had that idea long before I did (and made it work really well too!).

For now, it’s time to get all of my computer stuff in order.



An article to tide you over

I’ve written an article on Gamedevtuts+ explaining the functional part of my building generator program, the part that spawns the correct building pieces in the correct orientation based on context. I called it tile masking because I couldn’t find any other name that other people knew it by.

Gamedev work and updates on this site have been sparse due to the demands of meatspace, and I expect this will continue for at least another sixish weeks until uni winds up for the year. I’m slated to enter Ludum Dare 25 in December, though, and I’d dearly like to participate in the October Challenge they’re holding right now, but it really depends on whether or not I find free time (and if I’m not spending that free time playing any of the amazing games that have come out this quarter).



'Additive' post-mortem

I wrote a post-mortem for Additive, summarising what went well and what went poorly during the game’s development. You can read it here at the Ludum Dare website.



Finally, a dedicated dev blog!

10:22 AM

And just in time too. Yesterday marked the one month anniversary of me starting gamedev, and TiddlyWiki isn’t very good at sorting journal entries by date so the blog entries for the 27th of June and the 27th of July started mixing together.

I also have a month’s worth of dev logs which I have uploaded and backdated for your pleasure, dear reader.

1:49 PM

I got Garage Band on my phone yesterday to see if I could make some music for games, and I also downloaded the trial version of Magix Music Maker. I will also have a go at Music 2000 again.

2:19 PM

How disappointing! Music 2000 only does trance and techno, and Magix is a little too structured.

5:13 PM

Oooh Mixcraft is nice. It feels… so right.

9:25 PM

End of day. I’ve been working on a proper layout for this site before I start posting it everywhere (right now I’m using the default Textpattern template, but hacked apart a little). Been a while since I made a website.



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