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• 03 May 2013 · 'PlayThinker' cards are now for sale!

Do you remember my player-game interactions cards? A lot of people asked me to make a professionally-printed version of them. I totally agreed. And now it’s for sale!

• 24 Apr 2013 · Some tools for your LD experience

While I probably won’t be participating in LD26, I do have some tools that LDers may find useful.

• 15 Feb 2013 · Updated the idea generator, and other news.

Added more entries to the idea generators, ideas still thin on the ground, Twine for CYOA games is pretty cool.

• 18 Jan 2013 · The making of CRUP

Info about the making of CRUP!, including pages from my dev logbook.

• 06 Jan 2013 · My January game, CRUP!, is now feature-complete!

The game I made was not much of a shoot-em-up so I couldn't rightly call it a SHMUP. It's all about the crashin', though, so I've called it CRUP!

• 04 Jan 2013 · I bought GameMaker studio yesterday

I buy GameMaker Studio and get over my averseness towards free art assets.

• 03 Jan 2013 · Game progress and modelling practice

PlayMaker is going okay, I have the basics of my game in place, I have a brainwave that changes the game’s focus, and I’m starting on a low-poly model library for use in prototyping and early development.

• 01 Jan 2013 · One Game a Month starts today, and I have an idea!

The One Game a Month project starts today, and in response, I’ve finally gotten an idea that I’m fairly happy with in terms of potential and scope.

• 13 Dec 2012 · It's tough to get back into it

I’m having some difficulty getting back into gamedev.

• 27 Nov 2012 · Hello again!

Testing period is over, I gave a great research presentation, it’s now time for the holidays! This means more gamedev stuff, so this website is going to ramp up again.

• 02 Oct 2012 · An article to tide you over

I’ve written an article explaining the functional part of my building generator program, the part that spawns the correct building pieces in the correct orientation based on context. Also, I will be away for a few weeks more.

• 05 Sep 2012 · 'Additive' post-mortem

I wrote a post-mortem for Additive, summarising what went well and what went poorly during the game’s development.

• 03 Sep 2012 · Layers and furniture

I’ve got furniture working, and have made changes to the generator to prepare it for multi-storey buildings.

• 01 Sep 2012 · A problem with furniture placement

During a test-fitting of some furniture pieces, I’ve found that the way I’ve implemented inner walls stops furniture from aligning flush with them.

• 31 Aug 2012 · Flat roofs are nice too

Following some inspiration from Wikipedia, I added a flat roofing option to my finished roof generator.

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