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• 26 Aug 2012 · Participating in Ludum Dare

I’m participating in Ludum Dare, a competition where game devs all over the hizzle have 48 hours to make a game about a common theme. The theme is evolution, and I am making a puzzle game.

• 20 Aug 2012 · Procedural roofing system finished

I’ve finished the roof generator. I’m presently stress-testing it on randomly generated rooms to catch all of the edge cases and make it really robust.

• 15 Aug 2012 · Code overhaul, and a first attempt at roofing

I performed a major refactor of the building generator code, but didn’t write about it because I wanted to have some pictures of my first idea for roofing. The roofing didn’t turn out very well, so I’ll spend most of this post discussing the code changes.

• 13 Aug 2012 · Having gone back on my clever ways

I stopped using my symbol-rich text maps and got the building generator to interpret standard roguelike maps instead.

• 11 Aug 2012 · Windows, doors, inner walls

I’ve added windows, doors and inner walls to my room generator.

• 05 Aug 2012 · Creating rooms with wild abandon

The room generator code is very robust now, able to dynamically insert different kinds of corner pieces contextually. I’m able to make pretty much anything I want in my text editor, load it in, and have a complete room pop out.

• 03 Aug 2012 · Learned some Blender, made some walls

Tiles are now much simpler to use because they are positioned in the exact same way and with standardised 90° rotations.

• 29 Jul 2012 · The generator now works

The room generator can now take an arbitrary room diagram in ASCII and turn it into a 3D representation.

• 28 Jul 2012 · Finally, a dedicated dev blog!

Finally I can keep my blog separate from my design document wiki!

• 27 Jul 2012 · Super Skeet Gaiden Unity is done!

Total elapsed time using Unity, from zero knowledge to finished game, was 57.5 hours compared to jME’s 130-150 hours.

• 25 Jul 2012 · Almost done with SSG

Almost done after 55 hours of development, which beats jME by far.

• 24 Jul 2012 · Hurrah encapsulation!

I finally figured out how to use my own script as a self-contained component.

• 24 Jul 2012 · Bird-pellet collision done

There was a funny bug where birds wouldn’t be destroyed if they were the ones handling the collision.

• 22 Jul 2012 · Found some colors!

Am greatly enjoying my time with Unity so far. Today I will sort out the bird launcher.

• 21 Jul 2012 · Very late start!

Have been playing Spec Ops: The Line for all of today, and figured I should do some work before playing another game.

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