A problem with furniture placement

I started blocking out some furniture yesterday and did a test-fitting today. I kind of like the angular, hyper-modern look of placeholder art, and it’s actually the style I go for in everything I try to make.

There’s a problem, though, and it’s got to do with the thickness of my walls. I wanted to keep them thin like you’d expect in a real house, so the inner walls are spawned in the centre of a floor tile, leaving about 25cm 37.5cm free on either side. The problem is that this margin stops furniture from butting up against the inner walls.

This is a problem that affects every piece of furniture I could ever want to place, so it needs to be solved before I can continue. I can think of three potential solutions:

  1. Make walls take up an entire tile. This is a flawless five minute fix, and if this was Ludum Dare then that’s exactly what I’d do. Wolfire Games did it with Receiver (which itself was made for a 7-day competition) and the result wasn’t bad at all, but I’d rather keep metre-thick walls out of my pet project.
  2. Give all walls a margin. This is another easy solution, but it’s not a perfect one. Right now it’s only the inner walls that have empty space around them. If I gave outer walls empty space too, then I’d be able to offset furniture to butt up against both kinds of walls in the same way. The downside is that this extra space requires an extra half-floor tile, and since the tile is going to be rotated every which way it will break up any whole-floor tiling patterns I’ve got going. This would work well, though.
  3. Check if a wall is an inner wall, and offset accordingly. This is the big complex Cadillac of solutions. It would also require me to have inner wall to outer wall transition models of certain kinds of furniture, like the corner piece of the kitchen counters I showed above.

I think I will try out the universal wall offset solution first. I’d need to write an extra tilemask to merge inner walls and outer walls together at intersections, but it would work well at the end.




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