Flat roofs are nice too

Today I finished up my roof generator, so now I have dynamic pitched roofs for any arbitrarily-shaped building. I was thinking I’d need flat roofs for larger buildings, like warehouses, so I googled for examples and found this image on Wikipedia (original source here, but I’m hosting a copy because I don’t want to leech bandwidth).

I thought that was really cool! It’s a fusion of a pitched roof and a flat roof, which is a lot nicer than what a flat roof looked like in my head (literally just a plane). It’s also much simpler to implement than a pitched roof, requiring only four unique pieces instead of eleven, and does away with the tilemasking logic entirely — tilemasks are only required to determine the outer row of slanted roofing, and then the rest just gets flood-filled with flat sections. Now I have two roofing options.

I think I will probably end up using the flat roof more often than the pitched roof. It’s faster and more scalable, and once I add an access to the rooftop, it will give any game using it some much-needed verticality.

I’ll begin working on furniture next, and I also need to figure out working doors and windows. I also want to add multi-storey building support to this.




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