Game progress and modelling practice

My game for OGAM January is going well. I’m getting the hang of PlayMaker and now I have a cube (player) that can move around and kill stuff by asploding on them, and cylinders (enemies) that move down the screen, firing towards the player at intervals.

A change in focus

Testing my implementation of an explosion radius made me think of a different way to do this game. What if the player had a forcefield or blades or something which hardmed enemies that entered it, but allowed enemy bullets through? Instead of navigating a gauntlet of bullets and ships to explode yourself on a boss, the game is now about navigating a gauntlet of bullets and ships, while remaining close enough to enemies to whack them with your damaging forcefield thingy. If I made the forcefield damage over time, then I could keep kamikaze attacks as an oh-shit option (like crashing your ship into a boss’ cannon to get rid of it right now).

I’m starting a low-poly model library

Today I also started on that low-poly prototyping library I always wanted to make. Not only does it help me get used to Blender after so long away from it, but it’s also nice to have premade models for early development instead of using cubes and things. Here’s an example of a tree!




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