I bought GameMaker studio yesterday

GameMaker Studio was on sale on Steam yesterday, so I snagged the Professional version for AU$34. I spent yesterday and today following the tutorials, and am finding its overall structure fairly similar to Unity. It’s obviously meant for 2D development, and it’s quite good at it from what I see. I think I will make this month’s game in GM Studio, seeing as I’ve suffered a series of setbacks in Unity this week — PlayMaker stores its state machines on game objects and not external scripts or anywhere else, and I’ve accidentally deleted a prefab a couple of times, losing its state machine and having to remake it all over again.

I think it will be interesting to make this game in GM Studio, then remake it again in Unity + PlayMaker and compare times, complexity and so on. I need to remember to turn on my punch clock.

I’ll now use free art.

I’ve come to terms with my utter badness in terms of art, and am now willing to use free art. For this one, I’ll use Daniel Cook’s sprites and tiles from Tyrian. If I’m feeling really motivated I can use these as placeholders only and make my own art when the game is finished, but I’m not going to pretend that I am motivated to do this.

Another idea about game mechanics.

I was thinking just now that it might also be cool if instead of a bullet-permeable Bubble of Death, your ship instead had a shield that could be freely rotated around yourself with the mouse, and which could be used to block bullets and ram enemies. I last remember something similar being done in R-Type Delta for the Playstation, except the Forces (the shield thingies) weren’t free-rotating.

I really like my current idea so I’m gonna stick with it and see how it flies.




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