My January game, CRUP!, is now feature-complete!

The game I made was not much of a shoot-em-up so I couldn’t rightly call it a SHMUP. It’s all about the crashin’, though, so I’ve called it CRUP!

It’s now feature-complete and a testing version is available for download. This game is only for Windows, sadly, as GameMaker Studio requires that I actually own a Mac to export to the platform, and I don’t (yet) own the HTML5 exporter.

Download CRUP! test version (Windows only)
Extract the folder and run CRUP.exe.

I used Daniel Cook’s free Tyrian tileset as my art this time.

Feature-complete is not finished

I release feature-complete versions to signal a stop in the addition of major new features. There’s still a lot of polishing and tweaking to do, however:

  • I am unsure if having a power-up that lets the player fire rockets adds any value to the game at all.
  • The background provides poor contrast with the sprites.
  • I want to replace the graphics to give a more original and minimal look.
  • The background music in-game needs changing.
  • Because the spawning of enemy types (other than the standard grey plane) is random, there are some games where you don’t get a green ship or powerup ship at all.
  • Explosions need juicing. Screen shaking would be nice.
  • Bullets might be moving a little too fast. Their speed would depend on whether I want this game to be one about reflexes, or about threading the needle through a barrage of slow-moving fire, which would be interesting in itself.



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