The making of CRUP

The original idea

My Game Idea Generator gave me the following three words:

  • Rutabaga
  • Pyrrhic Victory
  • Bullet Hell

From this I came up with the following idea.

A vertical SHMUP where bosses can only be harmed by crashing your ship into them. Bosses fire at you and send close-range drones at you to try and explode your ship before you can close in for a kamikaze attack.

Extra points: Bosses are randomly assembled from modular components, each component needing to be destroyed by the player. The difficulty level could be related to how many components are attached compared to how many lives the player has.

Pages from the logbook

What did this game look like during development?

I replaced the graphics to get a more distinctive look and make everything more visible on screen.

What did you use to make CRUP!  ?

CRUP! is the first game I’ve made in GameMaker Studio. It was made almost entirely with GM:S’s drag-and-drop coding.




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