Updated the idea generator, and other news.

Firstly, I’ve updated my Game Idea Generator with more games I liked, more concepts, and hundreds more Ludum Dare themes. For the themes, I grabbed everything from the published theme voting lists all the way back to LD 17. I then removed any themes with a score lower than -300 before conducting a final quick veto of crappy themes that remained (‘pastries’, for example). These new themes are also accessible from my Ludum Dare Theme Generator.

Still middling at ideas.

Ideas continue to be hard to come by, but easing up on myself over the past few weeks has led to some interesting rough premises that I’d like to think on a little more.

Twine is pretty cool.

Having always loved the mediums of text adventures/interactive fiction and Choose-Your-Own-Adventure (CYOA) books, I was very impressed to find Twine by Chris Klimas. It uses TiddlyWiki (which I incidentally use for personal organisation and planning) to present a CYOA game, which you write in a convenient GUI. It’s very cool, and I totally will use it one day.




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